Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy was forced to close its doors over the weekend after meeting with the Wizengamot. Newly appointed Headmaster, Tiberius Gambol, appealed to the court and offered plans for increased security. Despite his case, Chief Warlock, Nova Davies, deemed the school unfit to house students and issued a shut down effective immediately.

Over the past few months, Hogwarts had been experiencing difficulties adjusting to changes facing the Wizarding World. Several students went missing and three students- Ara Keller, Joshua Miller, and Fred Weasley II- were killed under Gambol’s rule. Despite increased security, the school was unable to offer itself as a safe haven during these dark times.

Students attending the school will be forced to leave and it is unknown if or when Hogwarts will reopen. Those in their seventh and fifth year will be offered the opportunity to take their proper examinations and stay on track with their schooling. 

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