Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy was forced to close its doors over the weekend after meeting with the Wizengamot. Newly appointed Headmaster, Tiberius Gambol, appealed to the court and offered plans for increased security. Despite his case, Chief Warlock, Nova Davies, deemed the school unfit to house students and issued a shut down effective immediately.

Over the past few months, Hogwarts had been experiencing difficulties adjusting to changes facing the Wizarding World. Several students went missing and three students- Ara Keller, Joshua Miller, and Fred Weasley II- were killed under Gambol’s rule. Despite increased security, the school was unable to offer itself as a safe haven during these dark times.

Students attending the school will be forced to leave and it is unknown if or when Hogwarts will reopen. Those in their seventh and fifth year will be offered the opportunity to take their proper examinations and stay on track with their schooling. 

Late Monday evening, Thorfinn Rowle was discovered murdered in his home by the killing curse. He was a known Death Eater whom served over twenty years in Azkaban for his crimes before finally being released over the weekend. According to Chief Warlock, Jarleth Osbert, Rowle had just started his first trial of house arrest under the watchful eye of the Ministry.

Aurors were called to the scene to investigate the case. Before any accusations could be made Elijah Marks, famous seeker for the Chudley Cannons, met with officials to turn himself in. Head of the Auror Department took his statement and proceeded to match it up with the findings. Following, a trial took place yesterday afternoon where Marks plead guilty. 

When asked about his crimes the accused had this to say: “It’s about time somebody did it. You all want to call me a murderer but you’ve all forgotten. Remember what they’ve done. Remember what they’ve done! I did my task! Blood Thieves will reign victorious!”

Marks was found guilty and sentenced to life in Azkaban, the legalization of the Dementor’s Kiss still under debate. If you are anyone you know knows something about the aforementioned Blood Thieves, please contact the Ministry straight away. 

Wednesday evening, Diagon Alley was attacked by a group of Death Eaters. According to eye witnesses a group dressed in black cloaks arrived at precisely 8:00 pm. Their numbers were estimated to be anywhere from seventy to one hundred, largely outnumbering those occupying Main Street at that time.

Many witches and wizards had been escorted by owners and taken inside shops, while others fled for safety. Twenty-two year old and waitress at the Leaky Cauldron, Leigh Ann Ambrosia, had this to say when asked about her experience during the attack: “I was just inside the restaurant having a drink when we all heard a scream. A few of us got up to check it out and when we opened the door there was just a war breaking out. It stunned us all, none of were expecting for something like that to happen here. Not so close to home. Not yet.” Ambrosia went on to describe how she and many onlookers rushed onward to fight their attackers, hoping to defend their community and fellow citizens. 

At approximately 8:43 pm it was reported that the Death Eaters had pulled back their offenses and had apparated just after leaving the Dark Mark in the sky above the town. After taking time to usher the survivors back inside to safety and to collect the bodies of those fallen the Auror’s Department was able to provide a list of casualties. According to reports 19 were found dead and countless were injured.

The majority of the victims have been taken to St. Mungo’s to receive further treatment while others were assisted by mediwitches at the scene. Many buildings now stand in ruin after the night’s event including Ollivanders Wand Shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and Flourish and Botts. 

On a brighter note, auror, Colin Kettleburn, was able to capture one of the attackers. Trevor Rosier, twenty-nine and known death eater, has been brought into the Ministry for questioning. When asked about his act of bravery, Kettleburn stated “I was just doing my part. In times like these we don’t have much other option but to stand and fight. If I could have done more I would have.” Further information to come as this story develops.

An attack early Monday morning on the Durmstrang Institute has left an a total of five victims, both students and teachers, dead and countless injured. After talks with the Bulgarian Minister of Magic, Headmaster Ivan Cvetkov announced to the press that the school would be shut down.

At nine thirty the first attack was estimated to have been made on Jessika Verlaine, a sixth year and active member of the school’s female quidditch team. The girl was reported to have been found outside of the potions classroom where the remainder of the attacks were said to have taken place. Inside the classroom Professor Alexander Karkaroff and three of his students- Henry Walpole, Dustin Smith, and Mikel Chaff- were murdered with the killing curse during what was meant to be another routine study group. At the present time the culprits have not been found but the work is thought to be that of Death Eaters, outstanding evidence found on the scene swaying officials in that direction.

There is no word on how long Durmstrang will keep its doors closed but officials say that it is likely they will not open until the school can be deemed safe for its students. Stay alert for any further news updates on the story. If any witch or wizard knows of any information regarding this case do not hesitate to contact the Auror’s Office, their floo network connection can be found on page ten.

The Auror’s office is pleased to announce that the daughter of quidditch player Collin Fairbourne had been found late Monday afternoon. After a long and tiring search throughout the streets of eastern London, Alexxa Fairbourne was found in an underground cellar beneath an abandoned muggle winery. The building was decisively hidden in a forest not too far off from Diagon Alley, making it difficult for members of the Ministry to locate the young girl.

After a scuffle between the suspected Death Eaters and the noted Aurors, the two men were able to escape with only a few minor injuries. Alexxa, on the other hand, was rushed to St. Mungo’s in critical condition. De-hydrated and unconscious, she suffered from many bruises and cuts covering her entire body, including a large gash on the side of her face. Despite the seemingly horrid conditions, Alexxa has been expected to have a full recovery and should be able to return to school within the week.

The Irish National tour has been postponed until further notice to allow the young Fairbourne to reunite with the rest of her friends and family.

According to the Department of Magical Games and Sports, it has been reported that the daughter of Irish Captain Collin Fairbourne was noticed missing from her country home in Northeastern Ireland late-afternoon on December 5th. Alexxa Fairbourne, a vibrant young girl in her sixth year at Hogwarts, was attending a quidditch tour with her father and the National Irish team when she was reported missing by a fellow team mate that went to go check on her. There is no confirmed cause of disappearance as of yet, but foul play is suspected.  

While sitting down with chaser and offensive coordinator Andrew Mullet, he was able to give us a bit of an insight of what really happened that evening. “She was always a happy girl; laughing and making jokes with the rest of the team is what she enjoyed most whenever her father allowed her to join us for such events.” he explained, going in detail about the dinner that Collin had hosted to initiate the start of the tour. Just as everyone had their fill and were about to head out for the night, Mullet went back into the manor in hopes that he could at least say farewell to the youngest Fairbourne. As soon as he reached the inner library where she could usually be found, he knew immediately that something was wrong. “There were torn books and scraps of paper everywhere; showing obvious signs of struggle, and yet ‘Lexxa was nowhere to be found.”

Since that day, the Ministry has been unable to pick up on any new leads that could possibly be linked to her sudden disappearance. In the meantime, the National Irish team has put off the tour in order to focus their efforts on finding the young girl. “Her father is absolutely devastated” states Keeper Barry O’Ryan. According to several other members from the team, Collin had always been close to his youngest daughter and he raised her in hopes that she’d soon take his place as chaser and captain of his beloved team. As reported by Collin himself, he has taken his daughter’s disappearance as a personal matter, vowing to his family and to himself that he’d stop nothing to ensure the safety of his daughter and the proper punishment for those who would cause her harm.

Although there is very little information to work off of, the Ministry is working diligently to find the suspected kidnappers and return Alexxa to her dearest family and friends. 

After further investigation the Auror’s Office was able to confirm that their suspect, Terra Greyback, was not guilty. Greyback was being charged with the murders of both Joshua Miller and Ara Keller. However after further evidence came in, the officials were able to see that their original suspicions were incorrect. 

Suspicion now falls on Xavier Vaisey. Vaisey, a known Death Eater, admitted to being at the scene of both crimes but continues to plead innocent. “My loyalties have changed,” he told reports Tuesday evening. “I’m being framed. You have the wrong person.” 

An eyewitness stepped forward, offering new insight into what happened on October 23rd and the events that surround Miller’s death. Ilena Bole, a sixth year Slytherin and former classmate of the victim, talked to officials and had this to say: "I was out in the Forest doing an extra credit assignment for Professor Thomas the night Joshua was killed when I saw him. He didn’t see me, I took caution not to alert any of the wildlife that I was there, but I could see what he was doing as plain as day. He and Terra were fighting, and all I know is that she took off running back toward the castle and just left him there. I think she dumped him? And then Xavier went further into the forest. When he came back out he was covered in blood. I thought it was just animal blood, but it wasn’t. It was his, Joshua’s. And just that morning there was a grim in my tea leaves."

The suspect has been taken into custody by the Ministry of Magic and awaits judgement. His trail is set to take place later next month, pending further investigation by the Auror’s Office.

Early Sunday morning, Ara Keller was found dead in an abandoned barn in Wimborne, Dorset. Officials refuse to disclose information about the body’s condition but have stated that they are certain that foul play was involved. 

Late last winter Keller went missing after boarding the Hogwarts Express on her trip home for the holidays. Eye witness reports state that they saw the subject last in her compartment, no visitors were seen entering or exiting during the period in which she was suspected to have been abducted. Aurors set to work on her case in hopes of finding any leads but was soon declared cold after unsubstantial evidence.

After yesterday morning’s events, the Keller case will now be reopened and according to Auror Timox Thenderby a suspect is already in custody. Thenderby stated: “Currently the Auror’s Office has evidence that may connect Terra Greyback, the leading suspect in the Miller Case, to this crime. We cannot be certain until the investigation progresses and more information is gathered but there is a strong chance that these two are linked, if not through Greyback then through a greater source.”

More information will be released in the days to follow. A funeral service will be held in honour of Miss Keller tomorrow at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and again on Wednesday in her hometown of Oxford, England.

The Auror’s Office has announced to the public that after undergoing an extensive and thorough investigation they believe that they have found a suspect in the Miller Case. Terra Greyback will be held in custody until her trial, taking place two weeks from tomorrow. 

Late last month, Joshua Miller, a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, was found dead on school grounds. His body was discovered with numerous lacerations to his head, neck, and torso, leaving his body unrecognizable. At the time of his death officials were unable to determine the cause of death, though after a series of tests and close examinations the healers at St. Mungo’s have been able to confirm that foul play was involved. 

After looking over the evidence and the scene of attack the Auror’s Office was led to believe that they had narrowed down their list of suspects to one. According to reports, Terra Greyback is being prosecuted for first degree murder and trespassing on private grounds. Greyback is the granddaughter of Fenrir Greyback, infamous werewolf and death eater whom fought aside Lord Voldemort in the Second Wizarding War. At this time her loyalties remain in question, though the court will address this issue and the suspect may be charged with conspiring against the Ministry. 

Late Sunday morning the body of Joshua Miller, sixteen, was found in the Forbidden Forest located on Howarts grounds. School groundskeeper and Care of Magical Creatures professor, Lazar Poliakoff, discovered the boy while monitoring the woods. According to reports Miller body had been near unrecognizable, having received several slashes across the chest and face as well as bruises from head to toe. At this time the cause of death remains unknown and authorities certainly have not ruled out foul play. Currently his body resides in St. Mungo’s in order to undergo further investigation.

Miller was in his sixth year at the school of magic and was a active as prefect in his house, Gryffindor. Head of House, Neville Longbottom, told sources that “Joshua was an excellent student and a joy to teach. He was simply one of the kids that loved to learned and was open and friendly with anyone, teachers and students. He was highly respected here by everyone and I can honestly say his passing has touched us all. He will be missed dearly.”

A funeral service will be held for Miller tomorrow at the school and again later in the week in his hometown of St. Helens, Merseyside. 

On August 20th, Azkaban prison experienced a breakout resulting in the escape of seventeen prisoners and the death of three guards. The Auror’s Office is still in search for the escapees as they work further to close their investigation. Although the full description of the event shall remain unknown to the general public, Harry Potter, head of the department, has sat down with us and provided us with news on their findings.

According to reports at around noon on Saturday morning a guard, who’s name will not be disclosed at this time, working inside the prison turned his wand on two of his co-workers, killing them on the spot. From there he then proceeded to work his way towards the high security ward to free the majority of its occupants before murdering the final guard on duty. Alecto Carrow, Amycus Carrow, and Antonin Dolohov, known for their loyalty to Lord Voldemort in the war and their torment against both muggles and muggleborns, were among those said to have been released. By the time aurors reported to the scene the suspects had escaped.

When sitting down with one of the aurors, John Dawlish, he had this to say: “Now, I’ve been to Azkaban about a dozen times working in my line of duty and never had I walked in and expected to see what I had. Prisoners are sent there for a reason, it’s a punishment and it’s meant to be hell. But the other day, well, I’ve never seen that place more alive. Prisoners were shouting and rattling their cages. Something like that, it’s terrifying and it needs to be stomped out.”

The Ministry of Magic has certainly agreed with Dawlish’s statement and in the time following the breakout has worked to increase security. Minister Sturgis Marchbanks is set to release a press in the days to come. In the time being he asks for the community to keep their eyes open for any suspicious activity or possible threats.